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DIY Wine Rack

I came across a wall mounted wine rack at “That Fine French Store” and fell in love with it.  The only problem was the $49.99 price tag.  It just seemed too much for such a simple thing and I figured there had to be a cheaper way.  After searching the internet, I found the viable option.  Here’s my build of a Wine Rack from



As you can see by the needed cut pieces above, there’s not much to this build.  I had all the scrap wood needed but buying what you need at your local store is only going to run you $15.00.  Far superior to the $49.99 price tag to have someone else make it .


I used paint cans to draw my curves on the 2×4’s and then pulled out my trusty jigsaw.  These 3 pieces are the main support.


The most involved piece was making the stemware holder, but that’s only because it had about as many cuts in it as the entire project.


I joined the bottom piece to the longer 2×4’s with pocket holes and 1 1/2″  screws.


The center support attached with 3″ screws.  If you decide to make this, don’t forget to drill pilot holes to preventing the wood from splitting.


Using wood glue and my favorite tool, my Porter Cable Nailer, I attached three of the 1×4 pieces to make the back.


The remaining length of 1×4 was attached to the front side to keep my wine bottles safe and secure.


The little 2″ pieces of 1×4 are attached to allow the needed space for your stemware.


Now the stemware piece gets attached to the 2″ pieces.

IMG_2122 (Edited)

Here’s my finished product laying in my clover filled yard waiting for a finish.


I grew up in and live in the suburbs but I do love country style housing and furniture.  I chose a vintage aqua stain for my wine rack.  Holds 6 glasses and 8 bottles of wine.  Fun day in the shop


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