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Do You Like Coffee?

If you are like me, you have a strong need for coffee.  After college, I spent the next 11 years of my life in the live event industry. 10 years with a local company here in Louisville and 1 year with Dave Ramsey in Nashville.  Working in that field created a daily need for coffee.  It often was my main source of nutrition as the techs are always the first ones in and the last ones out for a show.  Once I left that world, I rejoined the fabulous world of Franchisee McDonalds.  Ironically, as their tech support, I still feel like the first one in and the last one out.

Anyway… I was so incredibly excited when McDonalds announced that they were going to sell McCafe coffee in the grocery stores.  McDonalds coffee has always been my favorite cup of coffee (sorry Starbucks and Heine Bros).  This product hit the store available as Whole Bean and Ground for $7.99 and K-Cup for $9.99.  I’ll easily spend that weekly for my coffee fix, but why??? As with anything, there has to be a cheaper way.

Doing my research, it seemed like the only way for me to save some money on coffee  was to roast my own beans.  How exactly does one do that?  I’ve never roasted coffee before and I certainly can’t afford the overly priced coffee roasters available at certain kitchen and home stores. Enter, a $10 wok and a $0.50 wooden spoon. sells bulk unroasted coffee beans.  Pricing ranges from $20 to $35 for a 5 pound burlap sack of beans.  Best yet… If you use the promo code: TODAYSAVE20 (works every day), you get 20% off your order and they always have free 2 day priority mail shipping.

So now let’s do the math.  Bags of coffee bought in the store are 14oz by weight.  That equates to a little less than 1 pound. Buying bulk is 5 pounds (or more) but we’ll use 5 pounds as our reference.

Grocery Store Coffee (under 1 pound) – $7.99  average

5 Pound Bulk Coffee –  $25.00 average

I roast about every 10 days  which is about the same amount of time it takes me to use a 14oz bag of coffee.  Buying in the grocery store, I will have spent $25.00 in 3 weeks while at the same time, by roasting my own coffee, I have 2 or more pounds to go at the end of week 3.  I’ll easily take a $15.00 or more savings on my coffee and roast my own beans.

I’ll get into how to actually roast your coffee beans and to what desired roast in another post. This one is just designed to make you think.




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