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Welcome Home Girls

Every kid wants a pet.  I would give anything to have my Siberian Huskies again, but without a fenced yard and our crazy schedules, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Where do you find the next best answer… a backyard flock of chickens, plus the egg benefit is enough to convince me.

We have 5 little girls… all Rhode Island Reds.  The naming of the birds was interesting.  Jack was going for all red wine grape names while Max was certainly being a little more normal is his name choices.  After posting it out on Facebook about the names, we got some great suggestions.  “Finger, Licking, Good, Fried, Nugget”  Thanks all for the choices but we came down to our final naming.

Jack, Max and I introduce you to:







Marco Pollo (named by Uncle Mike)




The girls do seem to be adapting well and getting along.  Even with an odd number there doesn’t seem to be any territorial or dominant vs. runt issues yet.  They sleep like this is a big group all the time.  It’s very cute and amazing how fast they go from crazy play time to zonked out asleep.


Shiraz is showing off her new wing feathers coming in.  She’s very proud of them.IMG_2091


One afternoon as I was cleaning their brooder, I decided to take them out and introduce them to their coop. They really didn’t know what to do outside and seemed kind of lost.  After letting them explore the grass, I picked them all up and put them in the hen house to see what they would do.  Jenna and Shiraz went straight for the nesting box’s.  Hopefully that’s a good sign of egg production.


There will be so much more to come about our chickens.  They are adorable, fun and growing so fast.


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