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I don’t like to spend money on furniture and actually have spent most of my adult life using second hand or furniture from my childhood.  I’ve grown used to having a buffet in the dining room to help hold my many kitchen supplies.  Now that that is gone though, I really needed to find a suitable replacement.  Sure I could have easily bought an inexpensive piece made out of pressed wood and it would have been fine but for the same cost, I could also build something out of solid wood.  Enter my most recent project.  I’m not a designer though so this build is brought to you by

I drive a little Kia Soul.  While I can fit an amazing amount of stuff in my car, 4×8 plywood is not one of them so when I headed to Home Depot, I handed a team member my cut list and said I’m sorry.  But that is what they are there for and I think he appreciated how specific I was and how I tried to best utilize my plywood.  Thank you.


My plan was to work on this project  during my vacation week from work, but once I had the wood at home in the shop, I had to get started.  By the end of the first night, I had the main box and vertical supports put together.  This was a good stopping point and a chance to let the glue dry.


Sunday afternoon after church, I spent pretty much most of the day outside working.  Added the fixed shelves, made the front frame and attached the back.  I wasn’t planning on doing that much but since the air conditioner in the house is out, it has actually been cooler outside.


Fixed Shelves (If you have a Kreg Shelf Jig, you could certainly make them adjustable)IMG_2096

Front trim frame put together with pocket holes and screwsIMG_2098

Front trim on attached by lots of glue and pocket holes and screws.  The 2 pieces of trim not part of the main frame are attached directly to the supports.  Those supports are also 3/4″ shallower than the main box to allow for the doors to be flush.IMG_2099

Jack came out and helped me put the back on.  He really likes to use the nail gun.IMG_2100

Monday was Memorial Day and while I did work, there was enough daylight after work to get back out and work some more. This evening I cut and built the slat top and put it on.  Connecting 5 pieces of 1×4 with pocket holes and screws created a nice planked top .IMG_2111

With a whole bunch of glue (need to buy more now) and 1 3/4″ finishing nails, the top sits beautifully on the main box.IMG_2112

I also managed to get the 4 door frames built.  I wanted to sand and paint the doors before I put the Wire Cloth and hardware on.IMG_2125

On Wednesday, my normal day off, I was bound and determined to finish this project.  I set out early in the morning (again, cooler outside than inside) to get started.  I got everything sanded down nicely and then broke out the paint.  I ended up choosing a color called Greywood from Behr’s country collection.  I chose the “lowest” level of paint in their lineup in hopes that it wouldn’t completely cover up the beautiful wood grain.  It applied beautifully and exactly how I wanted it to.  I’ll certainly be using Behr paint again and again.IMG_2127

Jack again (with disposable gloves on so as to not get messy) came out to help paint.IMG_2128

After I got it all painted it was back out to the baseball fields for the night.  I tried to put the doors on when we got home but keeping peace between 2 brothers was more important.

Thursday night brought yet more rain and yet another postponed baseball game for Jack and softball game for me.  What to do next??? Go back out and finish the project.  I got the doors hardware cloth attached and hung them on the buffet.  I made 4 doors but as I was hanging the first one, I called an audible and decided to leave the outside 2 shelves as open.IMG_2131

Since this thing is made out of pine, it is a beast to lift.  Thankfully I have a young neighbor who was more than willing to help me carry it inside.  It’s a feeling of pride to build something with your own 2 hands.  I’ve built shelves, wine racks, play tables and even a rifle but this was the first real piece of furniture I’ve attempted.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out and it looks great in my dining room.IMG_2137

Thanks for reading.



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