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A New Loft-bed for Jack

It’s been a whirlwind summer so far.  I had a crazy 10 days at work to close out June, so when I finally got my weekend off, I had to disconnect and go spend time in my wood-shop.  This time around, it was time to build Jack his birthday present… a new Loft-bed.

Now I’ve said several times before that I am not a designer.  I usually find my build plans on the internet.  I spent a long time looking along with Jack and we really couldn’t find anything simplistic like he wanted so I had to design my own. As you can see by my chicken scratch notebook, I’m no artist… but it worked outIMG_2276

 I needed to make sure that the boy wasn’t going to come crashing down in the middle of the night so the four corner posts were obviously a top priority.  My grandfather always said to purchase the middle of the road.  Don’t buy the cheapest but don’t buy the most expensive either.  I followed that advice with a pocket hole jig awhile back but it became very obvious that I need to upgrade to the best.  If you need a jig… do yourself a favor and get a Kreg jig.  They are the best on the market and certainly worth every penny.  I used my new jig to make the posts… and they’re really strong.IMG_2247

The most involved part of my design was the end piece with the ladder for getting up in the bed.  For early morning footing reasons, I decided to double up all the ladder rungs 2×4’s.  The top 2×6 at the is the frame for the mattress.  Once this was built, Jack had to come outside and attempt climbing up and down while I held it up.  I’ll admit I had a little fun with him and shook it around a bit, but this part is nice a sturdy.IMG_2252

To finish out build day 1, I got the rest of the mattress frame and the bed slats cut and sanded.  We certainly did not have the nest weather over the weekend so I moved it all into Jack’s room.IMG_2257

Day 2 brought along the interesting part of putting things together.  I brought Jack back to help me hold the long 2×6 piece in place while I clamped it down in place.  It was a comedy of errors watching the 2 of us try to get that done.  After a couple “drops” we got it attached and I could go back to being a one man show.IMG_2259

Once I had the frame all completed, I attached a 1×1 piece to each side rail for the bed slats.IMG_2262

I had originally planned on using a sheet of plywood to put the mattress on but decided to go with 2×6 slats.  10 of them attached to the “bed rails” gives his mattress plenty of support.IMG_2263

I made the rails across the top and sides of the bed with 1×3.  At this point it’s time to put his mattress on and see what he thinks.  IMG_2266

Since I’m NOT a designer, I failed to take into consideration the thickness of his mattress.  With it on the bed and him sitting on it, his head is on the ceiling.  It was obvious i was going to have to cut some off… UghIMG_2268 (Edited)

Day 3 had me bringing out the saw-zaw and jig saw to shrink the bed.  I decided to take 8 1/2 inches off the bottom of the bed.  It was tedious and very nerve racking but successful.  He will no longer smack his head on the ceiling when he wakes up.IMG_2269

Jack chose the blue color, which is officially called “Rushing Stream” from Behr’s collection at Home Depot.  I decided to by a paint sprayer with this project.  What an incredible tool.  I took me 30 minutes to spray his entire bed.  I will certainly be finding many more uses for that tool.IMG_2274

Happy 11th Birthday Jack (early). Hope you enjoy your new bed.

Of course Maxwell has already given me plans for how he wants his loft-bed made.

Thanks for reading.










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